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Why Buy this book?

With Microsoft's emphasis and focus on Office 365, it seems only natural that we should also look to focus our efforts on learning how to best use PowerShell to manage it.  In particular, the Security and Compliance Center (SCC), deserves a more focused look.  This is because the SCC now affects many workloads in Office 365 - Exchange Online, Teams, One Drive, etc.  

The book uses real world examples, tips and tricks to walk the reader through how to use PowerShell and the SCC.  Some topics covered have little to no PowerShell documentation or PowerShell Help - 'Labels' are a particularly good example of this.  The book covers a wide a range of topics , including all of the tabs in the SCC.  Be Prepared to learn as there are sections of the SCC that are not exposed, like Information Barriers.

This book is aimed at those who know some PowerShell or are looking for ways to make their scripts better as well as help you become more confident in managing the Security and Compliance Center with PowerShell.

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to manage the Security and Compliance Center (SCC) for your Office 365 tenant.

  • How to create useful reports on various settings in the SCC

  • How to manage permissions with PowerShell

  • How to manage mobile devices with PowerShell

  • How to build and troubleshoot your own scripts

Practical PowerShell Books

Each book offered on the site covers a different topic (Exchange Server, Exchange Online and Security and Compliance Center).  However they all focus on the reader learning how to use PowerShell to manage the particular subject of the book.  The books use real world scenarios as well as tips and tricks to accomplish this task.


  • Learn more about PowerShell basics, not just for the Security and Compliance Center

  • Build on what you already know and construct useful scripts for your environment

  • Do more with PowerShell and make the most of PowerShell with Office 365

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Question: What if I find a mistake or have a suggestion about the books?

Answer: We welcome feedback to help us continually improve the book as it was written for you.  Send your comments to feedback@practicalpowershell.com.

Question: Will there be an errata page for the books?

Answer: Yes, as errors are found, a list will be accumulated and posted to this website.  Click the button below to report new errata.

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Technical Reviewer Comments

I liked the book, I learned new things that I could use immediately at work. - Dave Stork

"The book is good ... it's got a lot of good content. It's a good mix between explaining the cmdlets and having real world scenarios." - Tom Lilly