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Why Buy these books?

When it comes to managing Exchange, whether that is Exchange Server 2016 or Exchange Online, you will find out that PowerShell is an integral part of it's management.  Both of the books were written by real world experts, Office Server and Services MVPs, and written with real world experience in mind.  All examples are based on practical experience with the product over the years.

Microsoft's emphasis on the cloud does not lessen the need to learn PowerShell for Exchange Server on-premises.  Nor does the move to the cloud necessitate the lessening of your use of PowerShell.  In both scenarions, knowing how to script with PowerShell can save you time, your company money and make managing both systems better for the admin.  As such, there is still a need to help those who support Exchange on-premises/Exchange Online to learn how to advance their PowerShell scripting skills.


These books are therefore aimed at those who know some PowerShell or are looking for ways to make their scripts better as well as help you become more confident in managing Exchange Server or Exchange Online with PowerShell.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to manage Exchange Servers to customize them for your environment

  • How to create useful reports on your Exchange Servers

  • How to manage mail(box) enabled objects with PowerShell

  • How to manage mobile devices with PowerShell

  • How to build and troubleshoot your own scripts

Practical PowerShell Books

Each book is focused on a different version of Exchange however most of the examples are usable in previous versions of Exchange or even Exchange Online.  In Exchange Server 2016 and Exchang eOnline, PowerShell has become an integral part of the management experience, even more so than previous versions of Exchange (2007 and 2010).


  • Learn more about PowerShell basics, not just for Exchange Server 2016 or  Exchange Online

  • Build on what you already know and construct useful scripts for your environment

  • Do more with PowerShell and make managing Exchange Environment much easier


Question: What if I find a mistake or have a suggestion about the books?

Answer: We welcome feedback to help us continually improve the book as it was written for you.  Send your comments to feedback@practicalpowershell.com.

Question: Will there be an errata page for the books?

Answer: Yes, as errors are found, a list will be accumulated and posted to this website.  Click the button below to report new errata.

"Read the book, see how Damian and Dave take you from understanding how it works into putting it to use, and then you’ll learn from their experience and become better at PowerShell for it."

Greg Taylor

Principal Program Manager Exchange/O365

Microsoft Corporation