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Practical PowerShell Security and Compliance Center is now available in the shop.


New book titles are coming!

  • Exchange Server 2019

  • Exchange Online Second Edition

  • Microsoft Teams

Practical Guides For

The Practical PowerShell for Exchange Server 2016 book was written for the beginner to intermediate user of Exchange PowerShell.  The book contains real world code samples and explanations.  We look forward to your purchase.


Security and Compliance Center

Security.  Compliance.  This is Microsoft's central location for managing and securing your data Office 365.  Learn how to use PowerShell to manage these and to configure PowerShell only settings.  Practical, real-world examples will be used throughout the book.

To Be Released in September 2019


Where to Buy?

All books listed on this page are for sale in our shop.  Some titles are digital only and others have digital and paperback editions. Click on the 'Shop' link at the top to purchase your copy TODAY!

Exchange 2019

Exchange 2019 is Microsoft's latest Exchange Server product.  PowerShell is still VERY integral to getting the most out of  Exchange.  This book will cover the ins and outs of Exchange 2019 and will also include DEEP DIVES into aspects of Exchange using PowerShell.  This book will continue the tradition of bring real world examples to light with PowerShell.

To Be Released in December 2019


The Practical PowerShell for Exchange Online book was written for those Exchange admins who are managing Exchange in Office 365.  The book contains real world code samples and explanations.  We look forward to your purchase.


Microsoft Teams

With the retirement of Skype Online, Microsoft Teams will become Microsoft's collaboration tool.  Behind the scenes, PowerShell is THE tool to manage Teams.  This book will focus on helping you learn how to use PowerShell effectively with Microsoft Teams using practical real-world examples.

To be released by Summer 2020


Exchange Online Second Edition - TBD